2-in-1 Incense Burner & Hair Perfumer Comb

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MiskShoppe's 2-in-1 Incense & Hair Perfumer Comb

Step into an aura of sophistication with this modern marvel, available in both sleek black and pristine white. Seamlessly blending the rich tradition of Middle Eastern bakhoor incense burning with contemporary finesse, MiskShoppe presents a dual device that transcends ordinary expectations. Not only does it transport you with its entrancing aromatherapy, but it also provides an innovative avenue to perfume your hair with the elegant essence of incense.


  • Versatility: Designed to work with any incense, expanding your aromatic horizons.
  • Attachments: Comes with an incense burner head, hair comb, cleaning brush, and tongs, ensuring a comprehensive experience.
  • Charging: Modern USB-C charging for efficient power-up.
  • Package Includes: USB-C wire for hassle-free recharging.

Meticulously crafted for the discerning individual who cherishes both their modern and cultural ties, this creation from MiskShoppe stands as a beacon of luxury and innovation. Whether you're in moments of tranquil reflection or preparing for an elegant gathering, let this device elevate your ambiance with fragrances that bridge the gap between timeless tradition and modern opulence.

Short Instructions:

  1. Twist off the head to access the heating plate.
  2. Place a small piece of incense or bakhoor gently onto the plate.
  3. Activate heating by pressing and holding the button.
  4. For an aromatic embrace, attach the incense burner head. For a personalized fragrance experience, smoothly glide your hair through the provided perfumed comb attachment.
  5. Revel in the refined scents, either filling your surroundings or subtly gracing your tresses.