About Us

The Misk Shoppe is a family owned business based in New Jersey. We are a group of perfume enthusiast, we do not like to call ourselves perfume connoisseurs, but with more than a decade of experience in perfumes and accessories we do know a thing or two about fragrances.

We strive to bring you top quality fragrances from around the world. Whether it is Dehn-Al-Oudh or Shamamatul Amber or Rose from the valley of Taif, we research the products and make them available locally in the US for our customers to enjoy.

It is our mission to de-mystify Dehn-Al-Oudh, the rarest and most precious of all perfumes and make it available to the masses. We strongly believe a scent like Oudh should not be reserved only for a chosen few. All our products come pre-packaged directly from the manufacturer and the quality is 100% guaranteed.

Please shop with confidence and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The Misk Shoppe