2-in-1 Hair Perfumer Brush & Incense Burner

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MiskShoppe's 2-in-1 Incense & Hair Perfumer Brush

Step into an aura of sophistication with this innovative masterpiece, available in both sleek black and pristine white. MiskShoppe seamlessly marries the revered tradition of Middle Eastern bakhoor incense burning with contemporary flair, presenting a dual device that's in a league of its own. Not only does it fill your senses with its mesmerizing aromatherapy, but it also offers a unique way to infuse your hair with the luxurious aroma of incense.


  • Versatility: Crafted to be compatible with any incense, offering boundless aromatic experiences.
  • Brush Bristles: Boasting numerous hair brush bristles, this tool ensures a uniform spread of fragrance throughout your hair, distinguishing it from the traditional comb we offer.
  • Attachments: A comprehensive set that includes an incense burner head, hair perfumer brush, cleaning brush, and tongs.
  • Charging: Features efficient USB-C charging.
  • Package Includes: USB-C wire for effortless recharging.

Designed for the modern connoisseur who values a blend of tradition and innovation, this creation by MiskShoppe stands as a testament to luxurious utility. Whether seeking solace in moments of introspection or prepping for an upscale event, let this device enhance your aura with fragrances that echo both legacy and modern elegance.

Short Instructions:

  1. Gently twist off the head to reveal the heating plate.
  2. Carefully place a small piece of incense or bakhoor onto the plate.
  3. Engage the heating mechanism by pressing and holding the button.
  4. For a rich aromatic atmosphere, affix the incense burner head. To personally perfume your hair, run it through the perfumed brush attachment, letting the bristles work their magic.
  5. Bask in the sophisticated scents, whether they’re enveloping your space or delicately adorning your hair.