Y Intense inspired by YSL

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$10.00 - $125.00

Introducing Y Intense, a testament to the timeless legacy of Yves Saint Laurent, weaving a tapestry of impeccable craftsmanship and resolute passion. Debuted in the radiant year of 2023, this Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men is a sensory journey into the heart of profound masculinity.

The inaugural notes harness the exhilarating zeal of Ginger, harmoniously melding with the refreshing zing of Juniper Berries and a citrusy embrace of Bergamot. This electrifying prelude gracefully yields to a heart brimming with the robust aroma of Sage, caressed by the floral nuances of Geranium and the soothing depths of Lavender. Anchoring this olfactory masterpiece is a foundation exuding confidence - the earthy allure of Vetiver melds with the mystic resonance of Patchouli, rounded off by the timeless strength of Cedar.

For connoisseurs of life's finer luxuries, Y Intense offers an expansive selection in concentrated perfume oil, ensuring that the aura of elegance is but a touch away. For those who gravitate towards the classic allure of sprays, our precision-crafted atomizers await. Choose from the 20% or 40% concentrations, with each version promising an enduring scent trail that challenges the longevity of conventional EDPs. Beyond its aromatic allure, Y Intense emerges as a shrewd choice for the discerning, offering a superior scent experience that's as kind to your aura as it is to your wallet.

Dive into the world of Y Intense, where luxury meets longevity, and sophistication comes with a sensible price tag. Embrace the essence of a gentleman, captured and bottled, waiting for your wrist.