Wooden Incense Stick Burner - Charcoal Black (Rose Design)

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Discover serenity in every breath with our "Charcoal Black Rose Harmony" Wooden Incense Burner. Skilfully crafted from Mango wood renowned for its durability and environmental sustainability, this burner is imbued with a deep "Charcoal Black" stain, adding a sophisticated and contemporary edge to your space. The remarkable cut-out design, reminiscent of a pair of roses in bloom, brings a touch of natural elegance and artistry.

The burner measures 12 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, and 2 inches high, creating the perfect dimensions for holding your incense sticks securely—either by placing the unlit end in the designated hole or resting it on the chamber's blackened surface. Upon closing the lid, the stick is allowed to burn completely, infusing your room with its delightful fragrance without the need for supervision.

This burner is more than just a vessel for your incense; it is a symbol of relaxation and a piece of art that enhances your living space. Ideal for use during yoga, meditation, or to unwind at the end of a hectic day, it promises to fill your home with the tranquility of your chosen scents, evoking a peaceful atmosphere where you can relax and rejuvenate. With the "Charcoal Black Rose Harmony" Wooden Incense Burner, prepare to transform any room into a haven of peace.

Size : 12" x 2.5" x 2"

Color : Charcoal Black 

Design : Roses