Oud Muattar Qaisar by Khadlaj Perfumes

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The QAISER OUD MUATTAR 100GM is is a very pleasant fragrance that has a smell is a great way to infuse rooms with something not so strong but the scent is able to spread all around rooms. Either at home or in the office this is the ideal way to infuse your surroundings with a fragrance that smells so good! After all, you will love the smell of it and it stays long in the house. The QAISER OUD MUATTAR 100GM will leave such an outstanding aroma that is not too strong but complements your lifestyle. Taking you deeper into this unique fragrant journey, the lasting final phase ends the story with sublime patchouli and the rich golden scent of agarwood.

100 gms of super quality oud chips dipped in fragrant oil , presented in a designer reusable tin can

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