Muslim Prayer Chair Sajda Chair 2.0 Namaz Salat - Easy Sujood for Elderly

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Sajda Chair 2.0. Working on feedback received from our customers , we have fixed most issues . The 2nd generation Sajda Chair has a wider and more comfortable sitting area, 2 inches of cushion and also has easier open and close of the Sujood tray.  Available in 10 colors


A suitable gift for people with special needs, the elderly and the sick. Gift it to your relatives, to those you love and to those who need it. Features: Strong - durable - comfortable - lightweight folding. A suitable and valuable gift for those who can not stand and perform prayer movements. Solid and bear all weights and sizes up to 200 kg. Enveloped with the best types of fabrics and contains a comfortable and strong sponge layer. Equipped with a pocket holder for the small prayers books. Front desk used to read the Qur'an.

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