Fancy Perfume Oil Bottles - Choose Your Style

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Elevate Your Essence with Our Exclusive Perfume Bottles

Embark on a personalized fragrance journey with our exquisite collection of empty perfume bottles, meticulously designed to house your chosen scent. Each bottle serves not just as a container, but as a statement piece that reflects your unique taste and style.

Your Scent, Your Statement:

  • Hand-Poured Perfection: Every bottle is filled by hand, ensuring a custom touch to your fragrance experience.
  • Two Distinct Styles: Choose from the grandeur of crystal, complete with a luxurious box, or the artisanal charm of metal, glass, and colored enamel.
  • Ideal Capacity: Both bottle types boast a 12 ml cavity, perfectly sized for our perfume oils.
  • Elegant Application: A glass applicator stick accompanies each bottle, offering a touch of elegance with every use.

Simple Steps to Scent Sophistication:

  1. Explore Your Options: Review the bottle styles, each with a unique style number for easy reference.
  2. Make Your Selection: Identify your preferred bottle and add it to your cart by matching the style number from the photos.
  3. Pair With Perfume Oil: Browse our diverse range of loose perfume oils. When you find your fragrance, select the 12 ml size option and add it to your cart.
  4. Match Your Choices: If you're indulging in multiple scents and bottles, please specify your pairings in the order note section before checkout.

Example Note: "Makhmali Extract - Style 3, Chocolate Musk - Style 6"

Begin your bespoke fragrance experience today. Select a bottle, find your fragrance, and let us create your personal perfume masterpiece.

Please note: To ensure the integrity of your purchase, the bottle and oil will now arrive packaged separately in a secure 12 ml container, preventing any breakage or spillage.