Burmese / Myanmar Special AAA+ Grade

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Pure Agarwood / Oudh chips from Myanmmar / Burma
Lots of Oil, almost a Jinkou, taken from a near sinking grade tree.

If you follow the Oudh / Agarwood trail, it starts from Assam in India and curves down all the way to Indonesia covering Burma, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. Burmese agarwood chips are second only to Indian oudh. Special AAA+ quality Large grains ( 6-8 pieces in 12 gms )
Fragrance wise Burmese oudh is between Indian and Cambodian. Strong but smooth. The quality is exceptional , as you can see that the infection is clearly visible in the picture. The oudh chips have been meticulously cleaned and polished to provide a clean , smooth smoke .

12 gms - 1 tola

Samples avaiable on request.

Volume discont available ( minimum 100 gms )

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