Bakhoor Khulood

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Bakhoor Khulood enriched with various natural ingredients including aromatic woods, exotic flowers, natural barks, tree and tree extracts, resins, leaves & flowers. The home fragrances are perfect to renovate your living environment by generating a freshness and oriental aroma effect.

Bakoor Khulood will energize your home environment with its unique aromatic effect.

Purify the air and kill germs by a slow-burning of these aromatic incense.

These specialized fragrances are a perfect accessible way to cover unwanted household smells like cooking, pets, damp clothes, etc.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top Notes: Agarwood, Cedarwood

  • Middle Notes: Saffron, Musk

  • Base Notes: Agarwood, Cedarwood

72 Grams

Incense tablets

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