Althair inspired by Parfums de Marly

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Althair by Parfums de Marly: A Fragrance of Distinctive Elegance

Althair, inspired by the renowned Parfums de Marly, is a fragrance that speaks volumes of sophistication and allure. This scent is available in both a perfume oil and an oil-based parfum spray, allowing you to choose from concentrations of 20% for a refined presence or 40% for an unparalleled sillage, both exceeding the industry standard.

The Rich Aromatic Profile of Althair

A Blend of Exquisite Notes:

Top Notes:

  • Cinnamon: A warm and spicy start, invoking a sense of comfort and allure.
  • Cardamom: Adds a touch of exotic spice, enhancing the fragrance's sophistication.
  • Orange Blossom: Delivers a sweet, floral citrusy note, offering a refreshing lift.
  • Bergamot: Its light citrusy aroma provides a clean and bright opening.

Middle Notes:

  • Bourbon Vanilla: A rich and deep vanilla with a hint of sweetness, lending a luxurious heart to the fragrance.
  • Elemi: A resinous note with a lemony, slightly peppery quality, adding complexity and depth.

Base Notes:

  • Praline: Sweet and nutty, this gourmand note adds a layer of indulgent warmth.
  • Musk: Provides a sensual and alluring undertone, enhancing the depth of the fragrance.
  • Ambroxan: Known for its ambergris-like quality, it lends a warm, rich base.
  • Guaiac Wood: A unique woody note, offering a smoky, balsamic finish.

The Althair Experience

A Symphony of Spice and Warmth: Althair is a fragrance that combines the exotic warmth of spices with the comforting depth of vanilla and woods. The top notes of Cinnamon, Cardamom, Orange Blossom, and Bergamot create a captivating and invigorating introduction. The heart of Bourbon Vanilla and Elemi reveals a rich and enveloping warmth, while the base notes of Praline, Musk, Ambroxan, and Guaiac Wood offer a lasting and profound elegance.

Customizable Intensity: With the option to choose between 20% and 40% concentrations, Althair caters to both those who prefer a subtle aura and those who desire a more potent trail. This flexibility makes it a versatile choice for different occasions and personal preferences.

A Tribute to Timeless Sophistication: Inspired by the legacy of Parfums de Marly, Althair is a fragrance that embodies timeless elegance and modern luxury. Whether chosen as a perfume oil or an oil-based parfum spray, it stands as a symbol of refined taste and distinguished style.

Althair invites you to immerse yourself in a world of spicy warmth and woody depth, a fragrance that not only scents the skin but also captivates the senses. Experience the unique blend of tradition and contemporary sophistication with Althair.

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    Great Oriental Gourmand

    Posted by sterling nichols on Jun 29th 2024

    Longevity and Sillage in this is Beastmode. Lasts 8+ hours as Misk Shoppe Oils are really strong! This is a no brainer. This is an Oriental Gourmand in that it smells almost similar to Abrahan Samad Al Quarashi's classic fragrance Safari. i have both and they are similar except Althair has a more pumpkin pie note. People keep saying Apple Pie is in this but they are mistaken. The opening is sharper than Safari but it settles down. This is nice. PDM got this one right. A must buy for sure.

    Scent Layering: Try a little Nasheet by Lattafa or Misk Shoppe's 'By the Fire'.