Thalji Concentrated Perfume Oil by Arabisk Oud


Oud, Oudh, Agarwood, woody
25 ml


Gracefully sounding musk, he plays his serenade, which envelops the other essential oils with a soft cloud that accompanies the scent throughout its duration.

The interplay between the silk touches of musk and the delicate beauty of violet flowers shows the powdery sensuality of irresistible seduction. Several green shades of violet leaves are added, lightly completed with white oud oil, which only peeks and emphasizes the softness of the floral tones.

In another solo we will present a cool iris warmed by creamy vanilla, whose delicious key blends pleasantly with the fluffy tenderness of musk.

Type: Women’s Fragrances, Men’s Fragrances
Fragrance style : Intense, Floral, Musky, Powder fragrances
Notes : Violet, Iris, Oud, Musk, Vanilla, Powder


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